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Yesterday was a huge day for Justin Bieber: the release of his new album "Believe". He spent the day celebrating with his fans in NYC at Bieber Live on MTV. Justin also performed an acoustic version of "Die in Your Arms" with the fans singing along with him. He chatted with Sway about how much time and effort he put into a new album "Believe":

"It's a big difference and I think it really showed and I think people are really excited about the music and that's what it's all about- It's about the music".

He emphasized how hard he works on his album which includes songwriting, instrumentals, and production. Justin's family and friends including The Wanted, Ludacris, Willow and Jaden Smith congratulated him on his new album.

Not only did Justin release a new album but he also released his new women fragrance called "Girlfriend". He jokes about the secret ingredient is "a little bit of my sweat". At the end of the show, Justin surprised his fans by giving them his new album and fragrance. There is also a sneak peak video of Bieber bonding with his fans, taking group pictures with everyone in the audience.

Congratulation Justin!!!! Watch Justin perform 'Die In Your Arms' live below along with more videos of Justin at MTV here!

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