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Selena Gomez has made a splash in the club scene with her pop music and she finds it amusing. Slow Down is #1 on Billboards club charts and she is gleeful over the news. It is also her 6th single to make it on that chart as #1 song. But perhaps the funniest thing about it is that Selena is barely old enough to enter the club scene. Here is how she broke the news and cracked a joke about her club success despite of just being legal age now.

Slow Down is #1 at Billboard Club Play 6th single to reach #1 in Club and I am just finally able to get in. via Twitter

That certainly is ironic. But at least she can now enter a club and perhaps hear her own music while she hangs out. It seems like she knows what counts and as long as her music is still charting well, she is happy. After all, isnt that the whole point behind releasing catchy songs? I would think so and she has sort of marked her career doing dance friendly songs. Are you proud of Selena Gomez and her 6 top dance songs?


From selenagomez.com