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It seems like only yesterday that a rain-soaked Justin Timberlake was giving a public kiss-off to a Britney Spears lookalike.
With the apparent break up (again!) of teen pops current reigning couple, Selena Gomez has turned to the Timberlake classic to tell Justin Bieber she was done. Texting is sooo 2005.

In concert over the weekend, a hippie-fied (Seriously! Check the flowers!) Gomez told the crowd, This song definitely speaks to me, before launching into Cry Me A River. Girl was definitely working through some feelings she also covered Taylor Swifts I Knew You Were Trouble and Britney Spears Baby One More Time, during the performance.

When Bieber and Gomez broke up (the first time!) in November, Bieber also turned to Timberlake to get the message across, performing Cry Me A River in concert. Now, Gomez has returned the favor. What did teenage superstars do before JT and YouTube combined to give them a perfect way to send a message to the other? Your move, Biebs.

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